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Whether you need a basic flexible PCB or a complex multilayer rigid-flex solution, RigidFlexPCB manufactures and assembles the highest quality flex, rigid-flex, and HDI-flex PCBs

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Rigid flex PCB

Get flex and rigid-flex PCBs manufactured at any volume. RigidflexPCB leads the industry in quality and turnaround times.

  • Freedom of design
  • Reduced space and weight
  • Increased reliability and durability
  • Improved heat dissipation and airflow
  • Use in harsh environment

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Expand your designs with flexible PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs.

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14 Layer Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid PCB: 14 Layer
Total thickness: 2.2mm
Flex Thickness: 0.2mm
Flex PCB stack-Up: 2+2 layered design
Rigid PCB Material: Panasonic
Flexible Material: Panasonic
Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.2mm
Minimum Line Width/Line Spacing: 3mil/3mil

10 Layer Rigid-Flex with 4 Layer Flex

Rigid PCB: 10 Layer
Total thickness: 2.4mm
Flex Thickness: 0.2mm
Flex PCB : 4 layered design
Rigid PCB Material: Rogers+fr4
Flexible Material: Dupont
Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.2mm
Minimum Line Width/Line Spacing: 3mil/3mil

8 Layer Rigid-Flex

8 Layer Rigid-Flex

Number of layers: 8 layers
Size: 98*88.1mm
Board material:FR4+PI+NFPP
Plate surface copper thickness: ≥35um
Copper thickness in the hole: 20um
Line width and spacing: 0.075mm
Minimum hole diameter: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold ≥ 2u”
Product use: high frequency antenna

6 Layer Rigid-Flex

Layer: 6 layers
Size: 259*142mm
Board material:FR4+PI+NFPP
Plate surface copper thickness: ≥35um
Copper thickness in the hole: 20um
Line width and spacing: 0.1mm
Minimum hole diameter: 0.1mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold ≥ 1u”
Product use: medical equipment

4 Layer Rigid-Flex with ENIG Finish

4 Layer Rigid-Flex with ENIG

Number of layers: 4 layers
Board material:FR4+PI+NFPP
Plate surface copper thickness: ≥35um
Copper thickness in the hole: 20um
Line width and spacing: 0.075mm
Minimum hole diameter: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: immersion gold ≥ 2u”
Product use: automobile inverter

6 Layer Rigid-Flex Board

6 Layer Rigid-Flex Board

Product type:6 layers hard and soft
PCB Board Layers:6 layers of hard board + 3 layers of soft board
Finished board thickness: 0.50mm
Surface technology: immersion gold plate
Soldermask Color:G25 Ink (Green)
Minimum line width/spacing:0.10mm/4mill
Minimum Hole Diameter:0.10mm/4mill
Application:Bluetooth in-ear board

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PCB’s are used in many applications in aerospace from satellites, to commercial aircraft avionics and radios, to anti-lock braking systems on modern aircraft and the radar and radio systems in our air traffic control centers.

Today’s medical devices depend on PCB’s for advanced diagnostics and treatment. Everything from implantable pacemakers/Defibrillators defibulators, MRI’s, CT Equipment, patient monitors, surgical equipment, and more.

In military electronics PCBs are used in fighter aircraft, advanced camera systems, war fighter wearable electronics, missiles, munitions, vehicles and naval aircraft electronics. Learn more.

Electronics and electronic devices are ubiquitous in our everyday lives, from our garage door openers, mobile phone, personal computers, televisions, automotive systems, and much more. Learn more.

For quite some time “Wearables” was the hottest new topic across the industry. Today, it’s not necessarily the separate topic that once was as wearables have been absorbed into the differing markets that have wearable needs. Today, wearable applications continue to grow at a rapid pace and products are being introduced across most every market – consumer products, medical, industrial and more.

For many analytical tests to be accurate, repeatable and reliable, the test samples need to be at consistent temperatures to eliminate any variability from one sample to the next. All Flex heaters are used to precisely bring samples to defined temperature parameters for these tests to be successfully completed.

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With the transition to 5G, the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI); the landscape within the Telecom and Data sectors are changing at an incredible pace.  This will lead to extensive opportunities for electronic related products that will be required to support this dramatic transition.  

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We see greater use of flexible and rigid flex circuits and flexible heaters in applications where innovative packaging solutions are required to provide device functionality, miniaturization and reliability. Examples include unmanned vehicles, wearable electronics, robotics, ruggedized computers, solid state disk drives and camera/optics applications.

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Blind via Buried Hole, High Frquency

HDI Design in Rigid Flex

Number of layers/board thickness: 4-20 layers/0.4-3.0MM
Hole diameter: ≥0.10mm-0.15mm
Blind Embedded Steps: 1-4 steps; any step;
Hole filling method: resin filling (vacuum resin plug hole)/plating filling (VCP automatic filling line, imported filling potion)
Product type: FR4 HDI blind embedded/HF sheet + FR4 HDI blind embedded/pure high frequency material HDI blind embedded

Hybrid Material Rigid-Flex Design

High frequency requirement when design rigid flex board

  • Rogers 4350+fr4
  • Education
  • Stock Trading
  • Rogers 4003+fr4
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

Special Stiffers

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  • Fr4
  • Alumin
  • Stock Trading
  • PI
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

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